Soul Number  Tells us what you feel inside. This is what you feel inside, it will lead you to inner peace.

Personality Number Tells us the face you show to the world. Add the consonants of your name together to get this number.

Power Name number is the number that represents the strength of your name and tell about who you are. Add the Soul number and Personality number and break it down to one digit.

Birth-Day, is the way you appear to people. The day you were born.

Life path, The number that you need to fulfill in order to be happy. The most important number.  Add together the month, the day and the year and you get this number.

Attitude Number, The first impression people have when they talk to you. Add month and Birth-day together, then break it down to one digit.


Natural Match numbers are numbers that are like. They come in sets of three. 1,5,7 are mind numbers. 2,4,8, are business minded numbers. 3,6,9, are the creative mind numbers.

when a natural match meets the relationship flows.

Compatible Numbers, these you get along with, but may have to explain things occasionally.

Neutral Number, you will feel indifferent about. The relationship can go either way.

Challenging Number, They do not understand you. It is as if you speak one language and they another. This number may also be called toxic number.