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About Shlomit

Shlomit is a Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive who guides people in their life's journey to connect to their soul. She empowers individuals in achieving their dreams and aspirations by overcoming the fears and blocks that were accumulated throughout their life and past lives.
Shlomit is clairvoyant, clairaudient, cliarsentient and claircognizient. She can see into your past lives in order to help you correct any lessons or patterns that are running subconsciously. Shlomit  can search for energy blocks in your physical body and help address the causes of these blockages. These blockages are the physical manifestations of dis-comfort or dis-ease. Most importantly, she is a vessel of energy and light, which she brings through her to help you heal.
When you choose to live an authentic, conscious life, Shlomit will be honored to guide you in this process of opening up, breaking through old patterns and beliefs and living a healthy,fulfilling and joyful life.
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