When there is any kind of “going against” in your mind, you are not allowing yourself to align with Source energy/the Divine/God, Goddess, All there is, and it creates stress. It does not allow into your vibration, that which you desire. Here are some ways that will help you reduce the stress in your life:

1. Do not try to please everyone. the only person that your are responsible for is yourself. You should know by now that it is impossible to please everyone. If you focus on pleasing yourself, you will be happier and the people that surround you will feel better around you.

2. Do not require perfection of yourself and of others. The drive for perfection gets in the way of creativity. You will miss the point.

3. Do not try to get everyone to like you, it is not possible. Remember that when someone has a problem with you, it is his problem.  Find friends that have similar interests, so that you have things in common .

4.Do not argue with people, nor with yourself. It is a waste of time and energy. It is a no-win situation. If you “win” the other person feels resentful of you, if you “lose” you feel  frustrated.

As far as “arguing” with yourself, you are not at peace, you are constantly going back and forth in your mind, creating stress and uneasiness.

5.Only give your opinion if you are asked. The person you give your opinion to is already upset and dissatisfied, he will get defensive and not get the right meaning. You may make a suggestion but be careful of your wording so that you do not upset the situation.

6. Try to stay focused in the present. The past is gone, no sense in brooding about it. It will only bring your vibrations down and make it hard to create what you want. The future is created in the present. If you worry about the future, you will bring your worries into manifestation. You may and should visualize what you want to create, but stay focused on the now, by doing what you need to manifest your desired future.

7. Most importantly is to stay centered. If anyone around you is stressed or upset, don’t let it affect you in any way, know that each person is responsible for their own life. You are only responsible for yours.

Bring your consciousness to your heart. Take a few deep breaths and feel centered and balanced. Keep breathing deep until you don’t feel  tightness in any part of your body. Smile from your heart.

Enjoy a stress free day.