“ All living cells have a cellular consciousness and are able to communicate with other cells of the same or other species even when they are distance apart”.

Deepak Chopra in The Spontaneous Fulfillment OF Desire; Harnessing The Infinite Power Of Coincidence (2003:55)


        In 1995 in the Russian Academy Of Sciences quantum biologist Vladimir Popnin and Peter Gariaev were experimenting and obtained results that suggested that human DNA directly affected the physical world through a field of energy that connect them. It is called “Phantom effect”. The scientists took am empty tube, got the air out so it will be a vacuum. They looked at the photons (particles of light) and saw that the photons were scattered in the tube without any order. Then they put DNA into the tube and they saw that the photons arranged themselves in an order. The implication here is that DNA; the substance we are composed of was observed and found to have a direct effect on the quantum particles that our world is made of!  When the scientists removed the DNA they expected the photons to go back to being out of order, but instead they remained in order. The scientists were forced to ask if the DNA left behind a residual force that stayed after the physical DNA was removed? Were the DNA and photons connected in some way or on some level? The scientist concluded that some new force structure was being excited. This experiment showed us that as old traditions and spiritual texts say, we have a direct effect on the world around us.

        The “phantom effect” has great significance with the following experiment. It is well documented that our emotions influence the cell function in our body. The researchers wanted to further see if the emotions still have an impact on DNA cells when they are outside the body.  A DNA sample was removed by a swab in the mouth, and taken to a different room in the building. The volunteer was shown videos that created an emotional response. While the emotion was high the DNA measurement (electrically) peaked as well, the same with the “dips”. The DNA acted as if it was still physically connected to the volunteer’s body. Dr. Cleve Baxter that created this experiment (for the army) kept testing in distances of several hundred miles, where the DNA and the donors were kept apart, and still the response was simultaneous.

        In another experiment Cleve Baxter isolated white blood cells in order to study them.  As part of the procedure he centrifuged his saliva to get concentrated number of white cells, them he placed them in a test tube and inserted gold wire electrodes connected to EEG-type instrumentation. He was thinking of inflicting a small cut on the back of his hand. He went to search for a sterile lancet on a nearby shelf, when he came back he glanced at the chart that was recording the electromagnetic activity of the white blood cells. It had already registered intense activity among the white blood cells, during his search for the lancet. In other words, his white blood cells were reacting to his intention to cut his hand even before he inflicted the cut.

        These experiments prove that there is a connective field that connects everything in the universe. The experiments proved as well that the DNA in our bodies, give us access to this field, and this field could be tapped into by using our emotions.