When we think of the Geneva experiments where a photon was split up and it had to choose between two pathways, the second photon always chose the exact same thing as the choice as the first photon, as if it knew what the other photon was doing.  There was no means for a signal to travel between the photons. The reason that the signal did not need to travel between the photons is that they were already there; there is no travel necessary between any locations. In a hologram every place is a reflection of every other. Russel Targ, cofounder of the Cognitive-Science program at Stanford, in California in a special featured commentary Paramount studios, DVD release (2005) described it as: ”We live in a non-local world where things physically separated from one another can, nonetheless, be in instantaneous communication” In a non-local hologram of our universe, the energy that links all this things connects them instantly, and each point within the hologram reflects the others. Thus, when we change something in one part of the hologram all parts change. A small alteration in one place can permanently shift an entire paradigm.

        Within the container of this web each individual’s mind is part of a larger awareness. Every mind contains the pattern of the whole consciousness, and through that link we each have access to the entire pattern. In other words a change in one can influence the whole.  This was proven in an experiment done in 1972, in 24 cities across the U.S. of over 10,000 in population. the cities experienced meaningful changes, as  the people involved in the study-the square root of 1% of the population, used a technique  TM meditation called “Maharishi Effect”. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi stated that when one percent of the population would practice the particular method that he offered, there would be a reduction in violence and crime for that population. Excerpted from Gregg Braden The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, And belief (2007:115) this study along with others show that when a small percentage  (the square root of 1%) of the population achieved peace within, that peace was reflected in the world around them.