Your entire life depends on your self-love! Nothing can work well in your life if you don’t love yourself. We are not talking about the ego-centric love that your parents or people of authority in your life taught you to not do. It is the love that flowers out of connecting with who you really are, your true divine self.

When you feel unloved it is usually because you are waiting and expecting to get feedback from  the people around you. The greatest love of all lies within you. When you learn to tap into this self love, you no longer get hurt by anyone around you not “loving” you, because you know that whatever it is, it’s the other person’s issues.

When you love yourself  you are more connected to your higher Self, the eternal transcendent being that is part of you and you are part of. Then you are more loving, more compassionate, more open, more trusting and much happier. You then become more in your spirit, able to be spontaneous, more giving, and most importantly you cease to be a victim, you become more of a leader. You become more of who you really  are without fears or conditioned patterns.

An exercise that will help you love yourself:

Stand in front of a mirror or imagine that you are, and tell yourself:”I love you!”.  Whatever thoughts come up for you, say ” I love you with…”  whatever it is you are thinking. For example when you say to yourself I love you but your thoughts intercept and you  think of  “big thighs” , then you must say:” I love you with the big thighs”

You will most likely not feel the love right away, but” fake it till you make it”. Repeat to yourself as many times a day as you remember, and you will feel the self love before long.

Ways to practice the act of loving yourself:

Forgiving yourself. Eating healthy. Exercising and taking care of your body. Seeking help or support in the areas you need. Paying attention to what you want, and what is important  for you, instead of trying to please those around you. More than that you need to be focused most of the day on what is important to you, not what you are expected to do, in one role or another. Decorating your living space in a way that makes you feel good. Allowing yourself to do absolutely nothing at times. Meditating. Treating yourself to a massage or facial. Listening to music you enjoy. Appreciating yourself and allowing for your shadows by being compassionate to yourself. Last but not least be true to yourself in any way possible, by speaking your mind, by knowing what is important to you and honoring it. Live your truth!