Wouldn’t you  like to know what the future is going to look like, and what kind of life you will lead?

Most people want to know about their future love, their career, whether they will be successful in their endeavors. Don’t you all think that if you knew what is coming up, you could be better prepared, or take different decisions. What does life hold for you? Is there a way for us to be certain of what will become of us? It is said that in order to succeed, one needs to know the future, or at least know what one wants it to look like. People look for Astrology and Tarot to tell them what is coming up for them in their future.  Do you know that there are several ways to see the possibilities that the future hold for us?

Here are some of the different divination methods:

Astrology (western): Best for character analysis, and what is coming up in your life.

Astrology (Chinese): How well will you fare, in the coming year.

Cartomacy: Helps to discover relationships dynamics.

Dice: More about the immediate future.

Divining: Helps find solutions to practical problems.

Dominoes: An instant assessment of life.

I-Ching:  understanding of current situation.

Numerology: Uses the numbers in birth date and name to analyze the future.

Oracle cards: Provides instant answers to our questions.

Palmistry: Looks at the future through the palm of the hand.

Runes: Brings understanding of ones’ inner world.

Tarot: Explores the situation in depth.

Tasseomancy:  Reading the future through tea leafs, or Coffee.

So what method will you employ to aid you in making decisions for your future?