Very pleasant to speak to. She confirmed what other psychics have told me. Strong gifts. Very respectful.
  • Deb, NY, NY
    She was accurate with my present situation. Hoping the good part of the predictions happen as she says.
  • J.A., Sedona
    My reading with Sharon was great. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. I felt completely comfortable. She didn’t require any information from me nor did she ask that many questions. When she did they were just to confirm what she was picking up on. Thank you!
  • K.O., London
    Sharon is simply brilliant. She has a razor sharp accuracy. I was open mouthed more than once during the reading. She’s also lovely to speak with and is very kind and good humored. She delivers the truth quickly and calmly and makes it easy to accept. Thank you very much for this really excellent reading.
  • John, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Shlomit was able to observe what is the reason behind my physical problem. She is very gentle yet direct in her reading. She also made me feel empowered, I am sure I can deal with this now. Thank you very much, I will keep in touch with you.
  • Adan, San Diego, Ca.
    Hi Sharon gratitude, honor and privilege for sharing with me the gift of thy presence as well as the input, understanding, knowledge and wisdom you have confer for the benefit of my being and human physiology. I’m glad I encountered your add on the Vision magazine and decided to call you for assistance; indeed whenever possible shall recommend your name and personal power/gifts you can render. Much light, blessings and bliss. Thanks. Adan 🙂