The alphabet letter correspond to nine single number. If you take the digits on to nine, and under each one you put the letters such as:

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9

A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H   I

J      K    L    M    N   O   P    Q  R

S      T    U    V    W   X   Y     Z

 All the letters of under the number have that value. For example:  E, N W have the value of 5.

To find you name number write your full name and add the number. For example:

J   O   S  E   P  H  C  A  R  L  S  M  I  T   H

1+6+1+5+7+8 +3+1+9+3+1+4+9+2+8 =68 , 6+8=14 1+4=5

The above name adds to 5.

Each number has specific qualities, and shortcomings.

ONE- The number one is creation, energy, strength, beginnings. Ones are leaders, thinkers, pioneers. They may be eccentric egotistical and self-centered.

TWO- Beauty, culture perception, consciousness. Twos are warm friends, kind, peace loving and good judges of human character. Their downfalls are oversensitive and reckless.

THREE- The number of enlightment, refinement, thoroughness. They are tender, affectionate, sympathetic, cautious, cheerful and idealistic. They are good public speakers, actors, writers, dancers or painters.

FOUR- Stability, security and ambition. Fours are inventive, good company, tenacious. They like to possess things just for the sake of it. Tend to be miserly and greedy occasionally.

FIVE-Uncertainty, doubt, hesitancy.  They are reserved,  introverted and must work toward stability.

SIX- Dual personality., temptation, excess. They are easily influenced and misunderstood. They are conservative in their thinking and in their dress, usually healthy and with strong religious convictions.

SEVEN- The number of wisdom, mysticism or success. They are creative, intellectual, studious, and desire the fine things in life. They have a magnetic personality, always many friends around and companionship, they  are poised and unselfish.

EIGHT- The number of justice, evolution, strength, inspiration, genius. They have strong personalities, good business people, very active, and excel in scientific and technical fields. they are eager for change of any kind, and tend to become disconnected when life is dull and uneventful.

NINE- The number of efficiency, humanitarianism, dominance, consciousness. Nine’s have universal love, usually psychic. They are dignified, even-tempered and are helpful to others. They have great imagination and poetic or artistic talent.

   Certain numbers are harmonious with others, while other numbers are not.