The search for happiness does not stop, we are always looking for new ways to feel happy because we get bored with what we have. Especially if the “what” is material goods.                 We always want more money. When we have an apartment, we want a house, then we want a bigger house. When we lose some weight , we want to look better, and therefore we keep going on a diet. when we have a good job, we want  a better one, unless the job we have fulfills us inside. When what we do in life has a purpose, it can lead to authentic happiness!

How do you find out what  your purpose is?

You can meditate and connect to your higher self, your over soul, or your guides. The way to connect is to go inside yourself. In order to hear your “heart” or our spirit, you need to quite the monkey brain that keeps popping up with to do lists. You also need to have a quite space that is your own, without any distractions A place that one can sit and be with themselves.

You can start by sitting in a quiet place and blank you mind. start with 5 or 10 minutes and increase the amount of time you sit with yourself.  Meditating will increase your happiness by itself. However the more you get to hear your spirit the more choices you will make that will have a purpose for your life. When you follow that purpose and live by it, you will be very happy.  This happiness that comes from within, cannot be taken away from you.

Another way to find out what are some of your life’s purposes, is to be given a few choices by our experts, they can point you in the right direction. However you still need to do the work and get there to this inner joy.