In order for you to get something you want you have to be able to be in a receiving mode and see it happening. For example think of what it is that you want. Is there an action that you want to take in your present life?

In order to be able to achieve it you need to think back to a time you enjoyed doing something in your life, how did it make you feel? the next step is to visualize what it is you want and hold the vision, plus attach the emotion to it. Be thankful for getting what you want and imagine how it would make you feel inside, build a story around it while you still hold the resonance of whatever it is that made you happy. Stay with the vibration for at least 30 seconds.

Affirmations will also help you to keep that resonance. For example” The Divine flows through me, and in me” or ” There are unlimited resources” ,”I am healthy, and abundant”, or “I am Joyful” etc.

The final step is, once achieved make sure you soak it in, be with the vibration of what you have created, and allow it to spread to your aura.