Why is it that the wishes we have don’t always turn out the way we want them to? The answer is: our  Belief system.

We have our conscious mind that we choose things with, this mind only operates 1-5% of the day. The rest of the day, we operate from the subconscious mind. These programs are running without us realizing or being conscious of. Our subconscious mind has programs that we got from childhood usually. In some cases it could be in our energetic DNA from our ancestors. For example, each nation has their own set of circumstances that shape the way they think, that affect that particular nation. i.e., The Germans and the Jews have the holocaust to contend with. Armenians have the massacre that took place on their nation, the Irish have their  own fights with the Scotts etc. etc.

Do you notice how we can drive a car and talk on the phone, we get to our destination without really knowing/ or remembering how we drove there. Most of the day we operate from our subconscious mind. Therefore, if we desire a good job, but subconsciously we think that we are not worthy (because that is what one of our parents drilled into us as kids), then we might do the right things to get the job, but if we do get it, we sabotage it. Our subconscious belief that we are not worthy prevents us from getting it.

The way to overcome your subconscious beliefs is to say affirmations on a regular basis until your subconscious “buys” it.  For the example above the affirmation can be:” I am worth”. You need to” fake it till you make it”. Say it to yourself even if you don’t believe it, until you do. Affirmations work on the subconscious. Changing the programming will change the outcome, thus you will stop sabotaging yourself and start to be more creative.

Check all the important bases in your life. What isn’t working for you? Examine your deep beliefs, keep probing and asking questions until you discover what belief is stopping you from achieving your goal.