”…Nature at the atomic level, does not appear as a mechanical universe, composed of fundamental building blocks, but rather s a network of relations, and that, ultimately, there are no parts at all in this interconnected web.” In his book The Tao OF Physics: An Exploration of the parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism (200:330), author Fritjof Capra talks about a new paradigm thinking in science.

        Albert Einstein devised his own thought experiment. Imagine creating two identical wave-particles that are shot off in opposite directions. What happens if we ask about the location of wave-particle A and about the momentum, of wave-particle B? Whatever measurement is calculated for one will by definition, hold true for the other. Knowing the location of wave-particle A (thus collapsing it into a particle) simultaneously tells us the location of wave-particle B, and therefore also collapses it into a particle. The implications of the above experiment means that if observing wave particle A affects wave particle B then there exists a non-local connection or communication in which information is exchanged faster then the speed of light, without the exchange of energy.

This is known as the Einstien-Polodsky-Rosen paradox. Laboratory experiments show that the laws of quantum physics hold up, that non-local communication is a reality!

        The implication of both quantum theory and the ancient texts is that what we have in the seen world is created by us in the unseen realms. Our careers, successes and failures are created by our beliefs and emotions that are projected in our physical life. There is a matrix of energy that works like a cosmic screen that allows us to see the non- physical energy in our emotions and beliefs.

The events in life must first be envisioned as possibilities before they can become reality