All of us at one time or another  hold on to anger and resentment which gets us stuck in our life.  We get hurt twice, once when we feel hurt by someone close (more often than not) to us, and the second time is when we hold on to the hurt feelings and the negativity in our hearts and in our body, and it can take years for us to release the hurt, and to be able to want to forgive.

We can start separating from the anger  by doing the following:

1. Observing our thought. We can become a witness to our thoughts. When we witness we don’t get involved with the thoughts.

2. We can choose to surrender to love. To be compassionate and loving, the spirit in you prefers to be in the Love and not in the Fear, resentment and negativity.

3. Ask your higher-self or your spirit to help you Surrender to Love and to Forgiveness.

By forgiving you are taking your power back. You will no longer lose your energy when it comes to this person that hurt you. Choose to be free of any bad feelings. Choose to make room for Joy to come into your life.

One of Wayne Dyer’s most appropriate quotes for this article is:”When you get stuck in anger and fear, you give up your power of choice.”

Another important ingredient in forgiving is to be able to forgive yourself! No matter how bad you think you acted or thought. You should above all Love yourself in spite of all your transgressions, and with all of your traits.